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Right now I feel like my brain is trapped in a burning machine of filth that will not stop moving even to save my life! I’m listening to the new eponymous song “Anima Nostra” from their soon to be released LP Atraments that is coming out on June 16th via Malignant Records. What I really

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Steel Hook Prostheses have a new album, Calm Morbidity, coming out at the end of the month on Malignant Records, and we’re stoked to be premiering a track off it right here and now! “Doused With Acid” sounds like the perfect soundtrack to terrify all the little children who dare

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Ok, so this is the type of shit that is so out there, inverted, and senseless that – other than on these recordings – it pretty much exists only in your most lucid and fucked up nightmares. BLACK EARTH are an unbelievably disembodied and hideous experiment in aural torment that will find true

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Kalpamantra & Malignant Records presents Endless Descent Into Oblivion, featuring exclusive tracks from Theologian, Yen Pox & Funerary Call , Megaptera & Trepangeritualen, Shock Frontier &, Sektor 304 & DEATHSTENCH, plus new Sewer Goddess, and loads more. This dark audio is a 39 track digital compilation…streaming NOW!!! <a href=””>Endless

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