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Scotland’s Barshasketh have been slowly but surely making a name for themselves on their home ground, with 2013s Sitra Achra gaining them attention and plaudits alike for a record that spoke with a maturity and grasp of the genre, while allowing the young band to evolve and seek new movement.

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In 2013, KRAWWL made our Top 6 demo list and now they are back with two more songs that will be featured on their upcoming cassette split with Barshasketh. From what I can hear, KRAWWL are back in a big way and are willing to take chances musically that will

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If you’ve been casting an eye on Ireland in the last two or three years, you may have noticed that it has become fertile ground for some exciting black metal bands; Sodb, Slidhr immediately spring to mind while you have upstarts like Ceaseless Blight. The mysterious Krawwl are the newest

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