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CVLT Nation is proud to present the next in our series of underground classic compilations, BLACK SABBATH’s legendary self-titled debut album! This timeless album came out almost 47 years ago, but today we’ve brought together eight of underground doom’s finest to bring a fresh take on Black Sabbath’s iconic sound – Beastmaker, CHRCH, Jupiterian,

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Written by Geordie Stafford   SIX: Internal Rot – Mental Hygiene 12” This kicked my arse when I got around to listening to it. I’ve since flogged it to almost to death. While I’m not the world’s foremost grind aficionado I know when something grabs me by the jaffas. Max

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CVLT Nation is proud to present our last DOOM NATION Mixtape of the year, Vol V: MMXIV Edition. This mixtape sums up some of our favorite doom releases of 2014, and includes eight unsigned bands that really deserve shine! This collection of tunes shows what an amazing year it’s been

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One of my favorite doom bands from down under, FROWN, have just released a new album called The Greatest Gift To Give, and it’s all that and a pound of weed. What I really find special about this band is the way they can move from heavy doom to heavy

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1. BLOTTER BLOTTER’s 5 song EP Under Armour ’77 is a perfect blast of hardcore! On the mark, get set, go: all of their songs are the motherfucking jam! This band knows how write those punk songs that make you want to slam and shake your ass at the same

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