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On the cusp of releasing Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, 2018 finds Deafheaven continuing to advance and develop their aesthetic. In doing so, they’ve strayed from the template laid out on their landmark 2013 record Sunbather, though they’ve managed to re-visit some of their summery shimmer on latest single “Honeycomb” –

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The Black Metal Antiquarium page is a treasure-trove of images of the darkest days of dark music – when Quorthon was glam and the forefathers of today’s most kvlt just had their voices drop. Anyone who’s a fan of black metal will enjoy the daily offerings brought to the altar of Satan

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Most people familiar with black metal will probably at some point in a conversation about it mention the word ‘atmosphere,’ or some derivative of it. Essentially, the use of abstract terms when describing black metal to highlight the emphasis of focusing less on instrumentation in favour of “darkness” is common.

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HAILS!!!!!!! DARK THRONE, live in Oslo 1990! Nuff Said…      

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Check this out, it’s ultra rare… DARKTHRONE performing live in 1996 in full technicolor…NUFF SAID!

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You really have to commend Darkthrone. Never ones to pander, the hellish duo of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto have long left the cold black metal sound behind, the sound that brought them to the ball and have since traversed different plains from punk (like on The Cult is Alive and

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