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From the ever-impressive Iron Lung Records comes the highly anticipated LP from Latishia’s Skull Drawing, Romanticized. For those who aren’t aware, this is an extremely noisey, all-over-the-place hardcore punk band featuring members of The Ukiah Drag (darkwave/postpunk), Cottaging (noisey postpunk), Cult Ritual (hardcore), and Salvation (hardcore). I discovered this band through Joey

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I reviewed this demo on the other blog I write for, Fucked By Noise, but it’s so good that Sean asked me to throw it up here as well. I can’t post download links here, which I do on FBN (wink, wink), but I can still talk about how awesome

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It’s would be hard to imagine wrapping your head around a full album’s worth of the weirdness this bunch of Providence, Rhode Island punks have dished out on the Amyl Banshee e.p. This is not the first rodeo rodeo for Cottaging, as they share members with Ukiah Drag, Libyans, Cult

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