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At the southern end of Woodlawn Cemetery just west of Chicago, a 750-plot area called Showmen’s Rest is set aside as a burial ground for circus folk. There is a lot to appreciate in this small graveyard, but perhaps most compelling of all are the dozens of graves marked “Unknown

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One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies was the music video shoot in Wayne’s World, the one where near-naked Tia Carrare plays guitar with a python writhing around her. I was a 12 year old crushing on a babe in 1992, but the “hot woman handling a

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Charles “Chas” Eisenmann was the most notable and prolific producer of cabinet cards in Victorian-era New York City. From his Bowery studio, he produced some of the most well-known images of sideshow freaks, as he capitalized on the Victorian fascination with them. In the late 1880s, his cartes-de-visite were wildly

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