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The term “colonial America” tends to conjure specific images, many of them unflattering. Puritans. Witch burnings. The massacre of Native Americans. One term that doesn’t usually spring to mind is “Bacchanalian revelries” – though that was exactly what 17th century travelers found when they visited Merry Mount, a small community

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Here at CVLT Nation, we’re obsessed with everything occult – just take a look at our features on witchcraft, the Left Hand Path, Satanism – or pretty much everything on the CVLT Nation Bizarre. So today we want to feed your mind’s eye with a rad collection of occult images that

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Deep in the forests of northern Germany lays the highest peak of the Harz Mountains, Brocken. It is here that in pre-Christian times the locals would eat magic mushrooms, give sacrifices, and dance around bonfires on the eve of May, all for the purpose of bringing in a fertile spring.

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