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Striking Portraits Of From 1980s Italian Goth Clubs

I love looking at epic photos from the past…So today I wanted to share with you these spot on photos of 80’s Goths – all of these flicks were taken by Dino Ignani.…ALL HAIL ALL BLACK!

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164837-1413261034082 164838-1413261034128 164839-1413261033048 164840-1413261033007 164841-1413261032433 164842-1413261032805 164843-1413261032693 164844-1413261032951 164845-1413261032841 dino1msflalmcscw dino2ponsfwa dino5pnoamdopgna dino7lmeflemaq dino8plejjfmlmlq dino10sbkfnlkasnf dino11opnaegfa dino14oaefnae dino16aslnflas Yard-Press-49

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