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Stand Up NYHC! COMBUST’s “Another Life” LP Is Fire!

NYHC is a special kind of sound that can only come from a city that has its own heartbeat. When I listen to sick NYHC I can’t help but think about the first time I saw Cause for Alarm live in Hollywood or the time Reagan Youth stole the show at the Olympic Auditorium in 1984. Both of these bands had the energy that could only come from the city. What I mean is that NYHC is at its roots extremely multicultural just like the place that birthed it. Imagine if Mobb Deep, DIPSET, Lower Eastside, 90’s skate culture, Crossover Maniacs, Lo Lifes, and Hardcore kids united to create music the end result would be the sound of the new COMBUST album Another Life.

This record is straight FIRE from the very first song, “The Big Game,” the band lays down the law and lets y’all know that they can’t be fucked with. While listening to this album I find myself getting more hyped with each song because the riffs are freaking awesome! Real COMBUST don’t make songs they create anthems that speak to the human condition we all deal with. Lyrically, they drop jewels without ever sounding contrived! In a way, this band creates Hip Hop inspired Hardcore, because you can totally feel their love for Hip Hop in their creative spirit. The world is a place that is filled with separation but something about Another Life has the power to bring us all together. Blast their song “Set To Explode” LOUD AF and tell me the melodic grooves of this song are not fucking captivating.

Unholy hell yes, I would love to jump on my Shut deck on a summer day in LES with COMBUST blasting in my headphones as I weave in and out of traffic. Another Life proves NYHC can never DIE. Respect due to Cash Only for releasing one of my favorite hardcore records of 2022 (pre-order HERE!). FYI there is not one whack song on this record! No more words needed!

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