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Apocalyptic Blues

Sonically engage with the ritualistic dark jazz of PLEIADEES ‘Galaxy’

How free is your mind? How open is your mind? How open is your heart? The new record by PLEIADEES entitled Galaxy is a sonic trip to a far off universe. I love music like this because it’s free of boundaries and gives the listener the space they need to travel and allow their thoughts to wander. Although their music is modern, there’s something very ancient about what they create. CVLT Nation is really happy to share with you PLEIADEES Galaxy in full below and you can pre-order it here via Sub Sound Records!

“Pleiadees looks at the stars with its feet in the mud of life. From mud the lotus is born. From the lotus a jewel. Pleiadees music digs deep in search of forgotten jewels. It uses the methods of free rock, jazz, improvisation and transcends them all. It’s world music for these disjointed times we’re all in. »  

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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