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Death Rock

sleepwalk through the dizzying new video from Adrenochrome “The Knife”


Having been subject to asinine amounts of internet censorship because a ridiculous group of extremely online conspiracy theorists had way too much time on their hands during COVID, Oakland’s Adrenochrome is back to assert their rightful place in the world, even if it meant changing their online handles. But like seeds you try to bury with algorithms meant for vigilante reactionaries, they’ve sprouted through the Zuckhammer to blossom into yet another resplendent Boabab tree.

“The Knife” is a video and single they released on May 14th that leads us through a listless revenge fantasy after a traumatic episode. The violence that those on the feminine side of the spectrum face has been its own pandemic for over 5,000 years and craving justice for such transgressions produces both its own coping mechanisms and at times cognitive dissonance as the hopelessness mounts and overwhelms. Sleepwalking through the city with a knife in search of her assailant, our character is provided the perfect deathrock sound track to stalk the dark streets. The song itself is incredibly catchy and hits all our classic buttons, wasting no time with unnecessary preludes or solos. While certainly possessing far more fidelity, this song could have been written by our beloved favorites Skeletal Family back in the day. Watch the video above by Marcelle Marais, and pre-order the flexi on June 4th here to be released by none other than Manic Noise Records later this summer!

adrenochrome oakland
by Tash De Valois
Written By

Life, death, plants and music. Direct all bullshit to shindig109[at]gmail[dot]com

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