SILENT creates Post Punk that takes a stand against “all the racist, supremacist bullshit” - CVLT Nation
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SILENT creates Post Punk that takes a stand against “all the racist, supremacist bullshit”

To say that the trauma of the world is not impacting me would be a lie, and I know I’m not alone in saying that music is bringing me the solace I need. SILENT’s new album Modern Hate is an extremely rich sonic journey that will empower you and make you think. I love the way that this band has Post Punk that speaks to the human condition we are all dealing with right now. Their songs soar while they take you into this sphere of dirgy rhythm that you won’t want to end. SILENT’s vocalist is an instrument unto themselves, fucking grand and full of feral passion. This band knows what they’re doing and how they want to be heard. SILENT inspires me on so many levels, which is why I’m so stoked to share with y’all the new song “Empty Spaces.” Respect due to Three One G Records for releasing “Modern Hate” on April 23rd – preorder it here.

I wrote “EMPTY SPACES” in relation to how fucked the world is right now and how people still blindly believe in religion, even when we know the truth about what happens behind the doors of the Church. People still think a saint or something holy is going to clean up the mess we’ve been making all of these years. The song is about the absence of religion and starting to act as human beings should.

– Jung Sing

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