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PENDANT “Headache Made of Palm Leaves”

Photo by Isadora Sales

My mind is melting to the glorious shoegaze sounds of Pendant! The song we’re streaming below, “Headache Made of Palm Leaves,” is a perfect song that makes you lust for more. This is the kind of music that makes me happy in these crazy times we’re living in – and music is going to be my survival mechanism, so I’m going to make sure it’s there for you too! Make sure to tell your homies that Pendant is the BOMB. Now escape for a few minutes into the Pendant universe…

“The memories I have of people I’ve lost are always kind of mutating. Sometimes the sweetest, most serene memories are the most painful. Sometimes the darkest ones are weirdly the most comforting because they’re so close to me. I wanted to explore that dynamic in this song kind of as a means of embracing it.”

Photo by Isadora Sales
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