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See the Shiny Happy Violence of István Nyári

István Nyári’s hyperrealist canvases are blinding. His art is inspired by globalism, “late-capitalist consumerism and its omnipresent media,” and there’s a shininess, a chaos, and a violence to these paintings that feels like being plugged into the matrix. It’s false beauty and fake happiness covering up an insidious and malicious reality. It’s ironic that Nyári’s work sells to buyers who are deeply embedded in the world of wealth, opulence, and surgical enhancements that his paintings mock. I don’t know whether I find that funny or insulting, the idea that his paintings hang in inhabited investment properties, while the owners get rich by gaming the system and the masses. Check out this collection of his paintings below and laugh or cry…

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Relapse Monolord
Sentient 112217

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