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Death Metal

Witness the Ritualistic Death Metal of
Seclusion “B.H.I. (Occultess Unknown 2020)”

This is the sound of Real Torment. This is the Primitive sound of Real Pain. This is the sound of one of my favorite Ritualistic Death Metal projects out right now! They go by the name of Seclusion and hail from Texas. Every second of “B.H.I. (Occultess Unknown 2020)” is a sonic pit of destruction that I don’t want to climb out of because it’s that fucking RAD! What you are about to experience is 5 minutes of all-out audio anguish that is going to rain down upon your flesh. Seclusion creates depraved, vile Death Metal that sounds like it was recorded in a cave! What I really dig about this band is the different layers of suffering that go into this song. I can’t get enough of the slow-moving demonic melody that oozes out this band’s songs! How important is Seclusion to the underground? Personally, I feel this band needs to give the world a full length of their sonic torment right now because it would put a smile on my face!

Footage from Colt Matheson and Seclusion Physical releases available from: Thee Broken Window P.O. BOX 40072 AUSTIN, TEXAS 78704
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