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Experience Scorching Hot Raw Punk! PHANTASM ‘Conflict Reality’

WTF WTF WTF one more WTF!!! The new Phantasm EP Conflict Reality out now on Hardcore Victim is beyond fire it’s a towering inferno of scorching HOT RAW PUNK! Every tune on this short blast of Rage-Fueled Unhinged Anarcho-punk. The title track gives the listener a glimpse of what is to come on this ballistic record! Unholy hell yes, the the band bashes out insanely groovy caustic Raw Punk that will have your head banging nonstop. The vocalist songs with so much conviction that there is no way that you can’t pay attention to their unreal vocal delivery! I wrote these words years ago describing Crucifix’s Dehumanization LP but I know that they also describe this unit perfectly!

Motorhead + Crass + Disorder + Discharge + speed metal = Phantasm “Conflict Reality”

CVLT Nation

Metallic & grinding guitars + thought-provoking shouts of dissent = Phantasm “Conflict Reality”

CVLT Nation

If you asked me to pick a favorite song off of this EP I couldn’t because every song has meaning and depth. Phantasm has manifested a record that has moved the bar when it comes to making a Raw Punk record. With everything happening in the world Conflict Reality proves that music can still be used as a weapon of mass change and creative action! WTF the breakdowns y’all will experience while blasting this affair is otherworldly. You already know that Phantasm will be on our Raw Punk//D-beat EOTYL so stay tuned!

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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