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Hardcore Punk

Intense and All the Way Raw AF Hardcore Punk! Experience SPEW’s “Public Enemy”

Here is a question I have for y’all: Has the UK Hardcore punk band SPEW ever had a whack release? The answer is a HUGE fucking NO and I say that with my chest! I’m beyond stoked to turn y’all on to their debut album entitled Public Enemy. How could I not love a band that has lyrics like these?

It’s me the public enemy. Generational Trauma Born to suffer Indiscretion Education – Public Enemy Number 1

SPEW Public Enemy

Over the course of 9 blown-out Hardcore Punk anthems, this shows the world that they can’t be fucked with — not at all! Just peep the opening song “RNS” and y’all will recognize that the humans behind this project are next fucking level. The above-mentioned tuned will drag all posers into the pool of their own insecurities to drown in their own self-doubt. SPEW doesn’t create songs they manifest these rage-filled soundscapes that are also moving to their own chaotic beat of destruction. As you tap into “ON THE RUN” you feel the feral majesty that is this band. The title track is a straight call to action. I want to say thank you to everyone who makes SPEW a reality because y’all create music that puts a smile on my black heart. Before I let y’all go you betta know that Public Enemy will make our Hardcore Punk EOTYL without question.

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