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Apocalyptic Blues

RAKTA & deaf kids connect for a Magical Interview

Photo by Régis Bezerra

I love music that sets my mind FREE! I love music that makes my brain cells tune into the UNKNOWN! I love music that is created from a place of pure PASSION and CREATIVITY! I love RAKTA & DEAFKIDS! At different points in my life, each band has played a role in expanding how I believe music can be created. To say that I’m a fan of each band wouldn’t be honest because these bands are beyond special to me. When I listen to their music, I’m inspired to create and I get inspired to be a parent to my weirdo children. If I had the superpower of time travel, I would take my whole family back to the night of July 2nd, 2019. On this evening in Brazil, RAKTA and DEAFKIDS united for an unreal show at the Sesc Pompeia venue. This mind-expanding performance is now coming to vinyl on May 21st via Nada Nada Discos (Brazil) and the Berlin-based Rapid Eye Records (rest of the world). 

Sean interviews RAKTA and DEAF KIDS, and they interview each other

With everything that is happening in Brazil and around the world, how has music helped your mental health?

Paula: Listening or producing has been very helpful to me in many ways, especially because it puts me in the present! But silence has been very comforting too, because I’m surrounded by daily construction noises, almost like a Neubauten gig every day. Too much of anything always saturates me at some point. 

Mariano: It has pretty much saved the little of it I have.

What’s making you happy right now?

Paula: Being in nature.

Mariano: Circling between instruments, sunbathing, and riding a bike when I overcome the torpor.

If you had to describe the cosmic creative plan that y’all create with, what would you call it? What intentions do you have for how your music is felt or heard?

Paula: I would call it The Mindfuck Seduction Enchantment. lol. My intention is to be able to create an overlaid parallel space and time, where we can all connect to our bodies and true will, even if for a subtle moment.

Mariano: I’d say it’s the rhythmic/melodic reality of the world flowing through the vessels of our bodies. My intention is to create music that hits mentally and bodily, individually and socially.

Live at Sesc Pompeia order EUROPE – Rapid Eye Records
BRASIL – Nada Nada Discos

Growing up, was this the kind of music you heard in your dreams? 

Paula: If nightmares could be a genre, then yes. 

Mariano: Maybe it’s the sonic manifestation of some aspects of those dreams, yeah.

What does performing together feel like? 

Paula: Feels really good. The spaceship makes more sense when it’s shared.  

Mariano: Wonderful. It’s awe-inspiring and humbling to know that there are more ways to fold/unfold what we already do individually. To cause and react, that’s all that matters Collective heads becoming a multi-faceted one.

If y’all could pick a special place to perform together again, where would it be and how would you set up your performance space? I think y’all should hand out two grams of mushrooms to each attendee, how does that sound?

Paula: I would choose the desert. Each of us placed at a considerable distance, letting the wind work its magic and the sun frying our gear.  Sounds good, it would be like an open mental hospital in the desert. 

Mariano: Maybe in a forest, or a waterfall, where the sounds we make merge with the imposing sounds of the environment, so you can escape or embrace whatever vibe you want! The ‘shrooms would make it even more organic, bring ’em in and have a good flight! 

Photo by @herrhanzz

Rakta – ask Deaf Kids two questions you’re often asked.

Paula: What does DEAFKIDS mean?

Mariano: The name deals with both our inability to truly listen and our lack of emotional maturity combined to foster inherited traumas, maybe? I guess?

Paula: How does it feel to be a man in a “rock” band?

Mariano: Very lame. So last century =]

Photo by @jeanribeiro._

Now Deaf Kids – ask Rakta two questions you’re often asked.

Mariano: What does Rakta mean?

Paula: Rakta means blood.

Mariano: Where’s the d-beat?

 Paula: In the heart. 

Y’all have any shout-outs or big-ups to share?

Paula: “The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” – William Blake

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