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Pushing The Genre Forward: 5 New POST PUNK Bands That Will Blow Your MIND!

41 years ago when I heard the term Post Punk my 12-year-old mind was like what the fuck is this! I was just getting my head around Hardcore Punk. Three years later, all I wanted to hear was Post Punk because Hardcore was not doing it for me the same way. I do have my regrets, like not going to see the KILLING JOKE and Siouxsie and the Banshees when I was in my full-on Hardcore Dumb Me. Once I immersed myself in this genre, I got to see bands like TRIAL, GLORIOUS DIN, RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY, and Sisters of Mercy in the 80s. It’s a trip that decades later I’m still a huge fan of this genre because when it’s done right it gives me chills while also putting a smile in my heart.

Today I want to turn y’all on to five new Post Punk Bands that are truly pushing the genre forward and giving me chills LOL. All of these bands deserve your attention because they are that fucking awesome! I want to give a shout-out to LeMarc for directing some amazing visuals for some of these young creative humans!


BLOOD CLUB has one video up or should I say one HIT Record out called “Gastado”. This anthem hits HARD and as soon as I heard I knew was hearing something beyond special. Yo BLOOD CLUB — if y’all read this, just know we are feeling what y’all are doing. Everything about “Gastado” is perfect, from the vocals to the driving music plus theLeMarc visual is perfect. BLOOD CLUB is Post Punk created by the youth for the YOUTH! I got a question what awesome label is going to sign this rad band?


LA’s CLOSED TEAR is sonic gold in my book! Every song drips awesomeness and makes me happy like watching a Venice Beach Sunset. The tones that this band creates are sublime and then some. Their morose tune “Tired” is a slow sonic beam of light that I don’t want to turn OFF! CLOSED TEAR’s vocals are haunting while the music pulls me in close for a HUGE Post Punk Bear HUG! I feel honored to listen to LeMarc visuals below as well! As an LA native CLOSED TEAR’s make me super proud to be from the Turf!


Texas’ LESSER CARE created an off-the-chain record this year with “Underneath, Beside Me”. Their sound points my thoughts to heaven because in my book the songs are uplifting soaring Post Gaze Punk that I never want to turn off! Imagine the atmosphere of Cocteau Twins with the energy of the Chameleons that sort of comes close to this band’s vibe! When you hear the band’s song “Daylight” you will realize that this band can’t be fucked with. Oh yeah, I got to give them props for their merch game because it’s on point! I have not bought our copy of CARE created an off-the-chain record this year with “Underneath, Beside Me” but it is on my to-do list! I want LESSER CARE to know that we appreciate them for manifesting insanely gnarly tunes respect due y’all!


WTF WTF WTF VELVET CATHEDRAL is the fucking BOMB! Their EP think about it is all that and every tune gives me the chills!!! Once it’s done I got to press replay because I’m hooked! There are so many things happening in the world right now that could get me down but once I hear their song “time cements,” all I can do is think happy thoughts! VELVET CATHEDRAL is a project that should be embraced by the world and I hope they receive the shine they deserve! You can blast “think about it” in any sort of weather and the sun will come out! If I had the money or time to release their vinyl I would and I hope someone with the means does!


The Chicago Post Punk Scene is on fire right NOW and the band FRENCH POLICE are part of the blaze! They create the kind of tunes that will get you on the dance floor in your nice clothes. This band is sexy and makes me want to be making out instead of writing. I know for a fact FRENCH POLICE love what they do because I can hear it in their music. Make sure to catch them on their upcoming tour.

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Sentient 51423

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