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Pushing The Genre Forward: 3 New POST PUNK Bands That Will Blow Your MIND!

I say this with my chest I LOVE ME SOME POST PUNK!!! What I love about this genre is the many different offsprings of this dynamic genre. Post Punk can take so many sonic shapes that it’s almost endless! Today I want to turn y’all on to 5 bands that are pushing the genre forward!

GWENDOLINE C’est à moi ca

First up is GWENDOLINE from France, whose new album C’est à moi ca is out now on Born Bad Records. To say that I’m impressed with this record would truly be a gross understatement, because this record breaks so many rules! If I had to do our EOTY Post Punk list today, this record would be in the Top 3 — it’s that awesome! Musically, this band takes the listener to places that are unexpected and majestic. Songs like “Merci la Ville” and “Héros National” only drive this point home. I’ve never heard a record like the one GWENDOLINE has created, and for that, I give them nothing but major props! Anyone who blasts C’est à moi ca has been given a gift from the Post Punk GODDESSES and GODS. I really want to say thank you to GWENDOLINE for coming into my life, because this is a record that will stay with me forever!

HALLAN Completum

Hell Yeah, we have found another off the hook Post Punk band that goes by the name of HALLAN, and hot damn, do they FUCKING RULE! Completum (A collection of all our singles, spanning from 2020-2023 on vinyl) is the name of their new album that is out now on Nice Swan Records and I’m addicted to the whole Sonic event. Imagine if The Fall, Gang of Four, XTC, and The Talking Heads had an audio love child — the outcome just might sound like this amazing band! Yo HALLAN, if y’all read this, just know that we are major fans over here at CVLT Nation. Real talk, “Modern England” is my new jam and will have it on repeat for sure!

Wisteria Kiss at Dusk

Yo Yo Wisteria — y’all did it right with Kiss at Dusk and because of that I got to give y’all your flowers! There is not one weak moment on this record. To me, these humans create Post Punk that is infused with slowed down Blissed Out Dream Pop which is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Something about their songs reminds me of dancing at Vinyl Fetish parties during the 80’s. Their band’s power can be found in the way they can curate a sonic atmosphere that tells a story and transports the listener to an altered state of mind. There is something really romantic about this band’s sound, and I fucking DIG IT! “Don’t Pray For Me” is a BIG TUNE that illustrates the brilliance of Wisteria and how awesome they are!

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Sentient 51423

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