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Portraits of…80’s Heavy Metal Culture

Growing up in the 80’s SoCal hardcore scene meant that you hated metal heads, and until the mid 80’s, that is exactly what we did! L.A. metal heads were lame for the most part, because they were all into cheesy fucking hair metal which lacked any power. Our views on metal heads started to change once we all started listening to Motörhead and seeing what was happening in the Bay Area. In the 80’s, we looked to what was happening in Northern Cali because the metal heads up there had a punk attitude. Out of all of the tension and respect between Punks and Metal heads, thrash meal was born. In my book, this is the one heavy genre that changed underground music as we know it! Today we want to celebrate the 80’s metal culture with this HUGE portrait essay that is a blast into our past!


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tumblr_nv416kg08z1tlrio8o10_540 tumblr_nvjuaqkfgd1tlrio8o3_540 tumblr_nvjuaqkfgd1tlrio8o5_400 tumblr_nvjuaqkfgd1tlrio8o6_500 tumblr_nvjuaqkfgd1tlrio8o9_540 tumblr_nvo2cfxZpt1tlrio8o2_540 tumblr_nvo2cfxZpt1tlrio8o3_500 tumblr_nvvq8uHB1I1tlrio8o10_500 tumblr_nw516lhLT01tlrio8o5_1280 tumblr_nw516lhLT01tlrio8o6_1280 tumblr_nw516lhLT01tlrio8o7_1280 tumblr_nw516lhLT01tlrio8o8_1280Many of the photos are from The Internet k-hole

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