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80s Hardcore

Portraits Of 80’s Punk Culture: Spitting Image Instagram

Growing up at a time when there was no internet or digital cameras meant it was a challenge to document our scenes with quality photos! This is why I love things like Instagram and tumblr – because these places allow us to archive our past. I could spend so much time looking at old photos of punks; something about them takes my mind back to a different era. I love to see how punks all over the world expressed themselves back when I was a young punk myself. The other day I found this Instagram called Spitting Image where @trash_canbaby documents punks from all over, especially from the 80’s. I love her candid pics of G.B.H., Broken Bones and more! So now it’s your chance to peep this killer page for yourself – we have curated some of our favorites.


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Sentient 51423

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