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Blackened Crust

Listen to the scathing Blackened Hardcore of Pilori “Que la Bête Meure”

Fuck life, fuck the oppression of my reality, and fuck everything They stand for! These are the kinds of thoughts that start racing around my brain as I listen to the new song from Pilori called “Que la Bête Meure,” featuring Dylan Walker (Full of Hell) on vocals. Their new LP À Nos Morts is an unrelenting storm of hate-filled hardcore that’s a neverending onslaught! We have the honor of sharing “Que la Bête Meure” with you below. Pilori’s music spits in the face of corruption and breaks the necks of normality! Peep all of the order links below.

LP à paraître sur :
* Abyssal Cult (UK)
* APB Records (FR)
* Bad Moon Rising (TW)
* Black Omega Recordings (DE)
* Coups de Couteau (FR)
* GRF Records (CZ)
* Loner Cult Records (BE)
* Shove Records (IT)
* Suspended Soul (USA)
* Terrain Vague (FR)
* Ugly and Proud Records (BG)

CD à paraître sur :
* BRC-30 Productions (BE)

Cassette à paraître sur :
* Khya Records (RS)

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