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This Shit is Wild!! Experience the No Wave Anthems of BLACK MAGICK CHOCOLATE TEARS

Hell fucking yeah, I love my job and I love turning y’all on to new projects! Today it’s time for y’all to enter the world of L.A.’s Black Magick Chocolate Tears. Their debut cassette came out in 2021 via Strictly Cassette but was so ahead of the game that it sounds fresh as ever! Listening to their music reminds me of walking through Hollywood in the 80s and all of the characters I would see as a youth. I also can’t help but think about L.A.’s rich history when it comes to New Wave/No Wave. The POC communities played an important part in the events, from Florence Garden parties to Power Tools parties Downtown. I got to give those scenes their just due because Black Magick Chocolate Tears are the sonic offspring of a powerful scene that came before them.

At times this duo totally challenges the listener to hold on to a world they have never heard before. When the song “Soul Snatcher” comes on, you will find yourself pressing repeat because the tune is that fucking addictive! The creative duo Trent Truce and Emmanuel Coto manifest No Waves that are timeless. On “Deth” you will realize that this group has something to say and they are doing it their way. “Tonight’s Escapade” closes out the tape and is an uplifting Post Punk slow jam that will have you saying, good job, Black Magick Chocolate Tears! From Leimert Park to Boyle Heights to Hollywood, it’s time for the world to know that we created this!

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Sentient 51423

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