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RATKING 700 Fill EP Free Download!

RATKING manifest the the kind of hip hop that does not have any boundaries and, actually gets me excited about this audio art form. When I hear their music, I think about my late nights of sleaze ball partying at the HOLE in the LES. This was the kind of spot where rules did not exist, and as long as you were open minded it was all good. These dudes paint vivid pictures of the New York I love, where cultures mix together to become one family of artistic expression. If RATKING was around in the 80’s, they most likely would have have been at the Danceteria talking to Lux Interor of the Cramps about their art. When I hear their music, it’s way more than just hip hop to me – they are on some real punk shit! They are the bastard offspring of the LES graffiti crew IRAK, with microphones. Damn, now I know how my mom felt when she first heard Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” because listening to RATKING’s new free EP 700 Fill is straight abstract hip hop for your soul. These dudes are on some DIY shit that I have to give props to. They create that real New York hip hop that the world has been missing…Fuck Hot 97 and corporate rap BS. Get with RATKING and make sure to catch them on tour with Trash Talk…Right now download their new EP HERE! and peep this video essay we put together!


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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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