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Experience the Nasty Demented Noise Rock of FOREIGN BODY ‘FIXED’

Too many people exist in a state of nothingness. Too many people exist on a plane where fakeness is the norm. Too many people just want to fit into a box, or should I say, a self-imposed prison. Some people have the courage to say fuck trying to fit into the stereotypes that society has laid out for us! What I love about the new FOREIGN BODY LP FIXED is that it shows that this band does not give a FUCK! Imagine if SCRATCH ACID and The BIRTHDAY PARTY decided to take some LSD together and then record a record together the outcome would sound like this band. I can’t front listening to FOREIGN BODY’s “Submission” reminds me of seeing My War-era Black Flag wreck shop. This band creates the kind of demented Noise Rock that makes me want to shower after each listen! I know I’m not alone in saying this band has manifested one of the filthiest, most fucked in the head records of 2023. Now I want y’all to celebrate the release of FOREIGN BODY’s FIXED by pressing play below.

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Sentient 51423

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