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Legends Don’t Die! My Love Letter to VIVIENNE WESTWOOD

This is my love letter to Vivienne Westwood, because, without her, there would be no CVLT Nation. Without her, there would be no Punk, and without Punk, there would be no me. She changed the world of music and fashion at the same time. When I saw her clothes as a youngster, I didn’t know I was looking at art but I did know I was looking at something special.

Vivienne made DIY synonymous with Punk. She was a disrupter, warrior, designer, trendsetter, inspiration, revolutionary, and so much more. I want to celebrate her by amplifying positivity and giving a voice to the voiceless! When I think about Vivienne, I realize anything is possible and humans should never give up on their dreams. I see myself in her, which isn’t that weird because we share a birthday. I love you my sister and I will give you the respect you deserve. This is our celebration of life for Vivienne Westwood — a 100%, 1-of-1 of a human!

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