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A must see documentary!
The Hyena Men

PIC BY SAM ROWLEY / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED Abass feeds the Hyena) - An Ethiopian dubbed the hyena man is keeping his neighbours safe from the wild carnivores by feeding them every day - with his MOUTH. Abbas Yusef lives in a small city near the Somali border called Harar, where hyenas - Africas second largest carnivore - have roamed the streets for years. They have been known to attack people and livestock but Abbas and his family ate driving down these hunger-driven attacks by feeding the snarling scavengers daily with leftover meat from the butchers market. The hyena man draws in the crowds with his fearless feeding technique in which he bites raw meat and feeds the spotted hyenas directly from his mouth. SEE CATERS COPY

The Hyena Men is controversial documentary on many levels! In no way or form we get down with animals being abused, but this is a must see film. I personally learned things about this group of people that I never knew and without this film I would have never learned. Have an open mind and watch The Hyena Men below.

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