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Apocalyptic Blues

More important than words can say! Steve Von Till’s “No Wilderness Deep Enough”

Photo by Bobby Cochran

My whole life has been shaped by the music that I have listened to or been a part of creating. Music doesn’t always feel like what it sounds like, meaning that some of the most powerful music doesn’t have to be loud or heavy in the normal sense of the word. Case in point is the new album from Steve Von Till entitled No Wilderness Deep Enough. I get chills every time I listen to this chilling record, because his vocal delivery is so haunting and rich. Steve’s lyrical ability has reached a new apex on this album and he’s really speaking to the human condition in us all. No Wilderness Deep Enough is a timeless album, and decades from now it will be understood for how awesome it really is. Many people talk about keeping it real – I’m here to tell you Steve is speaking to the blues we’re all facing right now. The world is a heavy place right now and I’m seeing things happen globally that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. These songs make me look into the mirror of life and ask myself, am I going to be the problem or the solution? What resonates with me is how comfortable Steve is in his own skin, and his willingness to open up through his music. This album soars and transcends genres, and gives my mind space to imagine a better universe. In it’s own way, No Wilderness Deep Enough is a protest record – not against any political party, but against becoming a sheep that’s plugged into forces of normality! Thank you Steve for creating one of the heaviest and most thought-provoking records of the past decade. This classic offering comes out on Aug 7th via Neurot Recordings and can be pre-ordered HERE! I’d love to see this album performed live in the wilderness under a huge sky – that would be an amazing experience! Watch his stunning video for “Indifferent Eyes” below and check out No Wilderness Deep Enough under that.

Press Bobby Cochran 

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