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Mind Collapses: DISROTTED – “Divination” Review + Stream

Unholy quadruple fuck, Disrotted have just taken doom to the next fucking level of craziness. How are we gonna explain this record to our children?? This insanity right here is for all the THC blood freaks out there from fucking planet Weedian. For all the reefer and hash freaks. For those happy wretched souls who dwell in an eternal toxic haze and enjoy life being perennially absurd, warped, mystic and weird. Disrotted are a cosmic hell ride through the most remote, darkest and unknown corners of psychedelia-induced madness. This band will make your mind travel so far, and so deep into your own unconscious that once Divination comes to its final moments, you will have no fucking idea what just happened to you as you helplessly try to pick up the pieces of your own collapsed mind…


You will be awakened from a kaleidoscopic fucking nightmare of hash-induced delirium. This is Doom of the most cosmic and fucking mental grade. Doom metal that is not heard on the outside and absorbed within, but that hits you from the inside first and then ruptures from within. When you hit play on this monster doom record, a listening experience starts that becomes like none other. It originates deep inside your brain, from the nucleus of your pineal gland. From there, the cataclysmic riffs, the mammoth feedback winds, the bellowing vocals, the noise and chaos, will slowly eat away at your synapses, in a slow moving feeding frenzy, provoking delirium, hallucinations, and finally, total submission to Disrotted‘s crushing psychedelic magnificence.

There’re a lot of “slow” metal bands out there. Namely doom bands, of course. But I really don’t know if any are slower than this. Disrotted sound more like Sunn O))) with drums than anything else. Seriously, check out a track like “The Arcane Oath”… find me doom metal that isn’t just drone that is slower than this. I don’t think it can even humanly exist. And the heaviness? Oh lord. We’re in the realm of the total insanity. These guys aren’t just trying to play lysergic THC-corroded psychedelic doom, they are trying to replicate the sound of gods pounding the earth with their mammoth fists. Shockwaves explode from within every riff this band plays. Earthquakes shake the earth at every down beat of the drums. It’s like listening to the primordial sound of the creation of the universe when matter started to coalesce, compress, and collapse under the crushing energy of insane gravitational forces. And it’s all slowed down to near-death speeds, as if you are caught in some kind of surreal, delirious time-warp where time has stopped and things move at imperceptible paces like they were almost still. This is music that literally feels like the massive vacuum of space. Scattered riffs like humungous planets that are light years distant from each other and separated by massive voids.



Overall, Disrotted‘s “Divination” is an unforgettable listening experience, specifically because this record is just so crazy and out there. I don’t think anyone had ever conceived something like this before. These guys are literally on the next level of high. Their minds are just somewhere else and when they make music it’s probably impossible for anyone with some lucidity left in them to fully understand what may be happening in their creative process. But overall, this is just superior, grade A, top notch extreme doom of the most implacable craft. Your poor little brain will not fucking survive this listen. If you are one of those THC freaks who loves their life weird and absurd, then get physical copies of this massive record from Nerve Altar.






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