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Listen to the militant industrial metal of BLACK MAGNET’s “Hegemon”

Where am I now? I’ve just plugged my brain into the industrial soundscapes of BLACK MAGNET’s Hallucination Scene, and the fury of this record is running havoc through my body. Over the course of 8 tracks, James Hammontree aka BLACK MAGNET wastes no time proving that he can’t be fucked with when it comes to creating some of sickest industrial music in the known universe. On the real, this record will take you back to the 90’s while pushing your skull into the future! CVLT Nation is stoked to be sharing BLACK MAGNET’s song “Hegemon” with you below, and you can pre-order the record here from 20 Buck Spin.

“Hegemon” is the most haunting and esoteric song on the album. We enjoy opening the set with it as it sets an atmospheric precedent for the rest of the show. Lyrically the song deals with Thelemite principles involving awareness and consciousness. The chorus, ‘a god unknown, free of flesh and bone,’ is a reference to man’s ability to have direct communication with his consciousness through focus and intuition. Deeper layers of consciousness are there and available whether you know it or not.

20 Buck Spin will release Hallucination Scene September 4th on LP, CD, and all digital formats. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE

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Sentient 51423

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