Magic Carpet Ride… 70’s Airbrushed Vans

There’s nothing that stops me in my tracks like a fucking sick 70’s airbrushed van. Whoever had the idea to use the creepy, windowless side of a Dodge van as a canvas for a gorgeous fantasy scene is a fucking genius! It’s like the van becomes an acid trip into another universe, one where everyone’s got a hot, hard bod and the colors are stunningly vibrant. As a fantasy fan, I’d love a lot of this art even if it wasn’t painted on the side of a van, but the fact that it becomes a mobile mural takes it to another level of excellence! Check out this gallery of sick 70’s airbrushed vans…


Images via Internet and 1970’s Airbrushed Vans Flickr Group

1008tr_02+1977_dodge_tradesman_van+right_rear_angle 4501743_b4db71c19c_b 89095041_71ce124d02_o 690281324_b78f536d68_b 2432107616_969fc38640_o 3342514919_d55c3aa1c2_b 3569578969_3e0c4e53df_z 3674529292_a56942ccdb_o airbrush vans 1 airbrush vans 3 arizona1976-001-2 Custom_Van_II_by_AmericanMuscle iFocKbt  IMG_1983  img_5535 MIB_2_web_975  Norwegian van2 Norwegian-van11 paint1 show-time slayer7 theGamingSled tumblr_mr3jx25goc1s4lhojo1_1280 van_airbrush_wizard Van-copy van-two-two-vannnnnnnnn1 Van VanDragonlordbestofshowkeystn13B vZTMzld zstrangebrew2


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