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Love and Happiness! A Deep Dive into ACID HOUSE And Its Impact On The World

Photo by Dave Swindells

Free your mind and your ASS will follow! Open your 3rd eye and repeat after me: ACID ACID ACID HOUSE! This movement started in Chicago during the late ’80s with the likes of DJ Pierre of Phuture and Sleezy D. I know for a fact that these brothers didn’t know that they were creating an art form that would change their lives and many others from around the world. The sounds they created united people in their city, but also convinced humans everywhere to stop fighting and to start dancing.

When ACID HOUSE hit the shores of the UK, that country was never the same. It had a huge influence on bands like New Order and everyone at Factory Records. Don’t get it twisted — the whole Madchester movement would have never happened without the sounds of ACID HOUSE! Personally, my life would not be the same if I did not hear Fools Gold by Stone Roses in the ’80s. Today I want to celebrate everything that is ACID HOUSE with this epic feature!

Peep this House and Acid House I made “Jack your Body”

All Above Photos by Peter J Walsh

All Above Photos by Dave Swindells

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