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A Fuzzed Out State Of Mind! Experience LIVING HOUR ‘Someday Is Today’

Living Hour‘s latest album Someday Is Today is a perfect Fuzzed Out DREAM POP affair that will put a smile on your face. I can’t front, their music puts me into a dream state while being awake. They had my attention at the opening track “Hold Me in Your Mind” because everything about this song makes me happy. Living Hour manifests the kind of sounds that creates an audio forcefield around me so that no negative thoughts can come into my brainwaves. WTF — their tune “Lemons and Gin” slaps just as hard as my favorite Carissa’s Wierd song. The vocalists in this band have the kind of power I love in my Dream Pop. Vocally, I can hear and feel the pain in their voices. The music that this band creates uplifts while making the listener look within. I want Living Hour that y’all are doing a GREAT JOB and I appreciate y’all’s honesty. I would love to see them live outside on a sunny day. It’s time for y’all to blast Someday Is Today so that y’all can dream while y’all are awake.

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Sentient 51423

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