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Black Metal

Listen To The Scathing Raw Black Metal Anthems of UNHOLY STRENGTH ‘Tomes of Heavens Apocalypse’

News flash: Unholy Strength has just released an extremely powerful Black Metal debut called Tomes of Heavens Apocalypse. Unholy hell, I’m fucking beyond impressed with every song on this record. Does this record RAGE? Yes! Are the vocals scathing as fuck? Yes!

What really stands out are the sonic clouds of empathy that reign down on me as I blast songs like “Mourningstar.” Real talk this band songwriting is breathtaking and gives me chills. Unholy Strength’s use of mayhem-infused melody keeps me coming back for more. This might be their debut but this is a record that is going to stay with me for years to come. Tomes of Heavens Apocalypse is an offering that has me saying this is must-have for any underground music lover.

Do me a favor and help spread the word about Unholy Strength because this fucking kicks ass! Damn, I know seeing them live would be rad and then some. In killer RIFFS we trust and this band has riffs until infinity! Listening to Tomes of Heavens Apocalypse over and over only proves to me again I have one of the best jobs in the world! The last song “Blood Storm Forever” is the perfect way to end this tape.

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