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Listen to the bludgeoning Sludge grind of NOOSED “We Aim”

Oppression is not a friend of mine. Oppression is vile. Oppression must be stopped at all costs! Music is a weapon of mass change when it’s created by the right people! NOOSED are committed to breaking down the walls of Oppression with their brand of caustic Sludge Grind. The time to stand up and fight is now, and this band creates the kind of music that gives me the power to say fuck the system! It would be easy to just go with the flow, but I refuse to be a follower. This is why I have mad respect for what NOOSED is creating, because they are willing to empower the people that society wants to oppress. Plus their music is a non-stop Sludge Grind fest that gets me fucking hyped! That’s why I’m stoked to be sharing their new single “We Aim” below and we salute Trepanation Recordings for releasing their new tape Rise (limited to 50 copies // RISE – T-shirt Here)!

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