Listen the anger-filled anthems of THE GRIP’s ‘Cutthroat’ LP

THE GRIP’s new album Cutthroat is the fucking bomb! From the moment you press play, their music will punch you in the mouth until you’re head banging non-stop! So what makes this band’s sound stand out amongst others? THE GRIP know how to write angst-filled anthems full of passion and pain. These humans work as a unit to kick out Hardcore jams that are a soundtrack for the fucked up lives that we all live on this planet! I won’t front – another thing that gets me going about this band is that they know how to inject their songs with the right amount of groove. After one listen, you will say to yourself, when can I see THE GRIP live, because I know that would be insane!!! Right here and now, we are streaming Cutthroat in full below. Their album is available on August 1st, and you can also find it on Spotify and iTunes. For more info about their upcoming release, go here.


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