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Listen to the Subversive Pop of Unknown Nobodies “Jewel”

Both hate and love make you stronger. I love my haters, because they make me go harder. Actually, I enjoy knowing that one day they are going to suffocate in my happiness! It’s time for you to get turned on to the subversive pop sounds of Unknown Nobodies and their new song “Jewel.” This band writes the kind of anthems that will keep me laughing at my haters all summer! Not all heavy music has to sound heavy. Real recognize real – Unknown Nobodies soon to be released album The Perplexed Sky is the bomb, and can be pre-ordered HERE!


“The song is about the rekindling of a romance between a misanthrope and humanity. That person is conflicted, confused whether or not it’s okay to love something and hate it at the same time – to feel like two different people. The jewel is the world itself, the one we’ve built, or at least how some see it anyway. But the narrator isn’t so sure, trying to hold out hope. I think that person represents many of us these days”

– Jack Murray

Written By

Sentient 51423

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