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Leather & Studs! Punk in Translation London Town Exhibition

The Japanese leather goods company BLACKMEANS is an inspiration to me, and I have nothing but respect for their creativity. To see how they have turned their passion into a business that takes care of their families while producing unreal goods leaves me almost speechless. Right now there is something special taking place at The Horse Hospital in London, an exhibit co-curated by Blackmeans entitled “Punk in Translation,” which features the photos of Yusuke Yamatani, Tatsuo Suzuki and Nagoya Matsumoto taken of the underground punk scene in Japan, as well as some of Blackmeans creations. Don’t get it twisted – everyone in BLACKMEANS has paid their dues in the Japanese underground! Below you can check out some photos of the exhibition opening, which went down the past weekend.


Photos: Yu Fujiwara via The New Order

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