KVELGEYST “Demiurg – Denaturierung Holobiont” Exclusive Track Premiere

Swiss black metal legion KVELGEYST (of the Helvetic Underground Committee) prepare the battleground for the June 12 release of their debut album Alkahest and today we’re honored to bring you an excerpt of work in the form of “Demiurg – Denaturierung Holobiont”, a spiraling and winding descent into arcane black metal pandemonium! Sounding both modern and timeless at the same time, “Demiurg – Denaturierung Holobiont” unleashes some serious throwback Celtic Frost/Darkthrone/early Mayhem vibes while projecting its hideous aura straight into the future with a shapeshifting approach to songwriting that can’t be called anything different but “prog”, while also throwing in the mix some unexpected ambient passages and improvisational liturgic abstractions (as seen in the final moments of the track) that yield a result of constant motion and disorienting unpredictability, as if we were facing a European version of Negative Plane or a more experimental reinterpretation of the arcane mysticism of Mortuary Drape.

All in all if you are looking for black metal with a touch of timelessness and with classic heavy metal influences mixed with a keen sense of experimentalism then KVELGEYST definitely represents one of the strongest expressions of this school of thought in black metal that’s been seen in a long time. Vinyl and CD will be out soon via Vendetta Records – don’t sleep!


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