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Kim Keever’s Fish Tank Landscapes

Have you ever tried to create beautiful imagery for your pet fish inside its ridiculously small bowl? Well, Kim Keever took it to the next level. This American artist creates detailed miniature scenes in a 200-gallon tank, fills it with water and then takes a picture. Astonishing colors, realistic clouds and a dull texture is what makes you stare at his creations as if they were real landscapes.

His work reminds me of some famous paintings by John Martin, or the also famous “Ausbruch des Vesuvs” by Johan Christian Clausen Dahl. It’s obviously not the same, but similar color palettes and the overall ambiance gave me a similar feeling when looking at Keever’s work. As he says himself, he wants to “present the landscape as beauty itself, without reference to man and industry.” Here are some of his “landscapes” and “seascapes” work, so I’ll leave you to it by quoting something I also found on his website, from Kit White: “There were mountains, sunsets and ocean shores before there were eyes to see them.”


4104-semaphore-33x44-50x67-20041 4319a-oceans-28-30x44-47x71-2006

4403-west-38g-32x48-48x73-56x86-20071 4408-forest-68c-32x45-51x72-59x83-20071 4416-forest-72d-32x48-50x75-56x84-20071 4423-forest-83c-34x44-53x72-61x83-2007 4424-sunset-44d-31x48-46x7252x82-20071 4470-west-104k-46x72-2009 4644-waterfall-044d-37x46-55x69-68x86-20101 4656a-waterfall-114j-70x53-85x64-95x72-20101 h0983-hawaii-0983c-24x34-30x43-20131



k3-seascape-14421-21x37-29x50-2014 k3-seascape-14587-24x37-40x62-2014 k3-seascape-14654-24x32-35x47-2014 k3-seascape-15220-24x34-50x72-20151

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