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A Jungle-Noise Pop-Trip Hop Masterpiece: This Is My Letter To JASPER BYRNE + SONIC’s ‘mirrors”

Dear Jasper Byrne + Sonic,

You deserve more than just a review. So I decided to write you a letter of congratulations on your new album Mirrors. I am calling all Junglists and all people who love insanely good music! This album slaps so hard that it’s hard for me not to have it on repeat all day long. These collections of songs take me back to 1996 when I heard jungle for the first time while at the same time pushing me past my unknown future! Jasper has found a way to perfectly balance Jungle with Superb UK Indie plus Sublime Trip Hop. Honestly, that description does not do this record justice because it’s not about how this album sounds it’s about how it makes me feel. Real talk, big tunes like “Frozen Lake” gives me full-body chills every time I play it. As it plays in my headphones I remember my time walking the London streets feeling defeated by life not knowing better days were on the horizon! Mirrors is an album full of creative confidence and Jasper Byrne and Sonic’s passion bleeds through on every track! The audio textures you will experience on this record are otherworldly, plus his voice floats above his powerful soundscapes! Ok, imagine The Beta Band, The Verve, Goldie, Fresh Four, South and the spirit of Jah Shaka came together — Mirrors would be the outcome.

Jasper, I want you to know that you created a record that speaks to the human condition in us all, and for that, I have nothing but respect for you! I’m excited to share with y’all Jasper Byrne + Sonic’s new single “Dark Drones” streaming below. I know for a fact that this is one of my favorite releases of 2024, no matter what genre!

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Sentient 51423

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