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Intense New AMENRA Video by Stefaan Temmerman

We are CVLT Nation have mad respect for The Church of Ra and AMENRA. So when I saw this new video that Stefaan Temmerman created featuring the last moments of AMENRA shows from 2009-2015, I knew it was my duty to share with you! It’s hard to put into words how amazing and moving this visual is…You can tell that it was created from a place of pure friendship, with passion, conviction and honest creativity. It also shows that AMENRA is one of the sickest live bands doing it right now – and I say that without apology!

we’ve been drawing ever near to the end. together. for over seven years now, hundreds of shows, thousands of miles. this is a gathering of moments shot during the last minutes of AMENRA concerts. a culmination of tears, sweat, blood and power.
Film: Stefaan Temmerman (2009-2015)

Banner Photo by Stefaan Temmerman

Amenra. from Stefaan Temmerman on Vimeo.

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Tartarus Records

For your eyes alone
A life long and now gone

Amenra – Afterlife Cassette Boxset

A special collaboration with Le 7e Oeil.


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