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Inspiration Is The Vibration:

Check out our new feature called Inspiration is the Vibration where we talk to creative humans that inspire us. This is a space where they can talk about the music that enlightens their creative vision.

Now step into the mind of Khaleel, the creator of the powerful streetwear brand WCKDTHGHTS. This brand’s aesthetics and messages are rooted deep in the history of what it means to be Black in Los Angeles. This brother creates gear with messages that only someone that is from the city of L.A. could share. It’s pretty awesome to hear about the music that has inspired him, because we have nothing but respect for WCKDTHGHTS.


What five albums define the ethos of your brand?

Man great question, Sean. For me, I feel like easily if I had to express Wckdthghts through music, these albums would describe me best.

1. The Marathon – Nipsey Hussle
2. Victory Lap – Nipsey Hussle
3. The Blueprint – Jay Z
4. Summertime in 06 – Vince Staples
5. From the West Side with Love 2 – Dom Kennedy

The Marathon – Nipsey Hussle

I just feel like in this project, overall, you could hear the authenticity of hunger, devotion, and pain. With that being said, it’s the same for me coming up from the same area (Crenshaw District) — you just get that extra battery installed in you to make you go harder.

Victory Lap – Nipsey Hussle

You hear the elevation through the trial and error of life, the assertiveness, and the aggressive intelligence. I just feel like what’s was hunger turns into success, the way you elevate and move from actually earning yo spot is phenomenal. Same for the brand, what makes it so legendary is cause it’s really from the ground up, and the people seen that, so it’s really all respected.

Long Live The King Nipsey Hussle!

The Blueprint – Jay Z

I feel this album mainly because it’s just so much confidence and boss talk on there. I mean, overall, I feel like this shit the hustler’s anthem for any young Nigga coming up. Damn near bible, so yea that’s fasho running through me and the brand.

Summertime in 06 – Vince Staples

The grittiness that you hear. That raw and uncut we don’t give a fuck vibe. So unapologetic. That’s definitely us, all day. It is what it is. You like it? Great! You hate it, suck a dick! Who cares. We like it.

From the West Side With Love 2- Dom Kennedy

Classic. We classic. Made us know that being classic is important, being yourself is important, being original is important. Dom is good for that and so are we!

What two historic events or subcultures impact your brand?

When they made Obama president. Him being the first Black president… That was big. Also, it made me realize anything is possible! So I’m always going for the out-of-reach goals.

9/11, because honestly, that made me realize how fucked the world actually is.

If you could give one piece of advice to a young person thinking of getting into clothing design, what would it be?

My advice would be to stay consistent and confident — and don’t let any of these busters try to limit you. Whatever you see for yourself, do it. And always know adversity gone come in the best of times to make the achievements that much more enjoyable. Stay down. Cimarron St.



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