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Black Metal

Witness the Annihilating Industrial Black Metal / Noise / Grindcore Hellscape of VESSEL OF INIQUITY – “The Path Unseen”

The third official full-length album from sonic terrorism entity Vessel of Iniquity is upon us and today we’re excited to share with you in full the thirty minutes of full-fledged sonic annihilation that this elusive UK-based experimental extreme metal entity has conceived from within the deepest abysses of suffering and pain. Behold the full monster below and note that the frightening work comes out tomorrow October 7 2022 on CD, LP, MC, and digitally via Sentient Ruin (pre-orders HERE and HERE)

A. White and his digitalized extreme metal beast, never cease, never relent, never give up. The reclusive UK musician always finds new ways to redefine fear and push his harrowing hypersonic industrial black metal/noisegrind hybrid closer to the very edge of sanity, of reality, and of self. And out of self indeed it feels as if all control has been lost. As if it has escaped its confines and turned into a rogue entity of unstoppable destruction. New ways have been found, as this is a project which rarely will release two offerings standing on the same plane of being. Rather, Vessel of Iniquity is one that constantly morphs, finding new ways to morph and sublimate its existence within new paradigms of total sensorial obliteration. And in this third offering appropriately titled “The Path Unseen”, Vessel of Iniquity indeed goes down a path it had never explored before until now, that one of overbearing weight and of abyssal density.

“The Path Unseen” artwork by Adam Medford.

This measure is achieved with the introduction for the first time ever of eight-string guitars which have added additional dimensions to the crucible, ulterior layers of gravity through which to materialize the implosion, as if “Vexovoid”-era Portal, Merzbow, Godflesh, and Reverorum ib Malacht have been funneled through an infernal particle accelerator. With this superstructure of low-end frequencies added to the classic VOI substrate of hypersonic speed and hysterical artillery-like carpet-bombing of terror, total audial suffocation has been achieved as the octaves turn the work downward pointed into the abyss, weaponizing the album into an uncontrolled overflow of molten lead that crushes, buries and suffocates the listener into an inescapable abyss of overwhelming sonic magma.

This is by all means one of the most intense, uncontrolled, and implacable releases to have ever appeared in the broader spectrum of what we can define as “industrial metal”. Its reckless use of bone-pulverizing drum machines, mangled black metal-derived fretboard annihilation, harsh noise excoriations, and now, the entombing weight and low-end crush-depth of lower tunings have yielded a sensorial black hole. An event horizon from which no emotion can escape as the senses are rendered numb, sterile, and obliterated by an onslaught of unseen terror and insanity.

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Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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