I Wish This Band Didn’t Break Up! Featuring: RØSENKØPF

Today marks the start of a brand new series on CVLT Nation called “I Wish This Band Didn’t Break Up!” We are going to kick it off with a band that is played at least once a week in our HQ: RØSENKØPF from Brooklyn. They were so ahead of their time. They were one of those bands that could not be put into a box, which is why we fucking love them so much! RØSENKØPF’s self-titled album that came out on WIERD Records in 2012 is full of jams that will have you saying why have I not heard of this band before? I’m just saying that every time I dj and I play one of their tunes, people always ask who is this, and I tell them RØSENKØPF! While they they were together, they toured the states and shared their creative spirit with many, and I was really looking forward to their creative future…Today CVLT Nation celebrates them with live footage, streams, photos and a review…All I can say is that I Wish This Band Didn’t Break up! RØSENKØPF still RULES HARD!

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