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Will the Underground take a stand against Hate?
Homegrown Hate: The War Among Us Documentary

Homegrown Hate: The War Among Us is a new documentary that we all need to watch. As an African American man who takes up space in a very white male-dominated scene, these past couple of years have been especially hard for me. I feel like that so many people are silent while people of color continue to suffer because of the skin we were born in. What really trips me out is that the scene knows who among us supports racist labels and distros, but no one says anything, they just scroll past. Watching this documentary reminds me that this is bigger than just music because many of these racist scum bags are also violent pieces of shit. Before you support a racist band or label, just know that part of the money that you spend actually goes to fund terrorism against people of color. It’s time for the White people in the underground to take a real stand against racist labels, distros, and bands. Saying “fuck racism” on your social media isn’t enough when you continue to put your time and money toward people that continue to support racism, and when you continue to consume content and music primarily made by white people in primarily white spaces. It takes every one of our voices to be loud enough to drown this shit out.

Homegrown Hate: The War Among Us

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Sentient 51423

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