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Higher Heights hip Hop! Experience MIMZ & MJC’s “Dirty Laundry” in Full Effect

Are y’all ready for some straight reality Hip Hop? Not the kind of reality Hip Hop that that says, Bang Bang, I was born in the ghetto so it’s drugs that I slang! I’m talking about the kind of Hip Hop that speaks to the human condition that we all go through. I’m talking about the kind of music that comes from the streets of NYC, free of the white supremacist narrative that keeps our sisters and brothers chained to a narrative of negativity!

It’s time for y’all to peep the new EP from Mimz & MJC entitled Dirty Laundry. Over the course of 5 blissed-out tracks, Mimz serves up some well-seasoned lyrical brainfood. I find myself coming back to this EP again and again because with every listen, I feel more at ease with my own humanity! I want to salute Mimz for creating music that changes the dominant narrative about who we are and shines a light on the REALITY that exists inside of our imaginations. Dirty Laundry comes out February 14, 2022, via Filthy Broke Recordings. In the words of Positive K, Mimz & MJC (super sick production skills) are a great combination.

Art direction/exec produced in part by @bigflowers.wrld
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