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Hardcore that will blow your Mind! Listen to BAZOOKA’s “Dimo” Demo

Today I want to turn y’all on to an extremely sick Hardcore band called BAZOOKA. Their new demo Dimo is a fucking ripper that’s a sonic switchblade aimed at the throats of our downpressors. What gets me about this band is not only their killer sound but also their on-point lyrics that speak to the human condition we all endure! Either you are a part of the problem or you are the solution. In my book, BAZOOKA are part of the solution. When I hear their vocalist scream, “Karmic Justice or True Love,” on their anthem “Is it Gonna Change?” it gives me the inner strength needed to say fuck anyone that does not have my back! On the musical tip, this band brings it HARD! I’m just saying, when y’all hear the insanely rad riffs on the track “The Cycle Repeats” you’ll understand. If you want to experience some caustic dirged-out Hardcore, BAZOOKA will blow your mind!

bazooka hardcore
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Sentient 51423

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