Grimness is the way of this Illustrator: GRIMBLACK

I have mad love for the aesthetic of Russian Tattoos, and I love the aesthetic of dark demented illustrators. This is why one of my favorite artists right now is GrimBlack – his work is creepy as fuck and very bold! When I stare at his work I feel pain and I see the passion that he has for every line. GrimBlack’s work is clean without being contrived, and his subject matter is based on things that many of us can relate to. His drawings do have a aggressive quality about them while still maintaining a sense of empathy. I love the way he uses negative space and does not try to put too many elements into his work, which gives you many places to rest your eye. I know for a fact when he does start tattooing I would be honored to have a piece of his art on my body for life. It’s also evident that he comes from the Hardcore scene, but he has an aesthetic that’s all of his own! All hail GrimBlack – hit him up for commissions via his instagram.



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